Graduate Program in Animal Science

Graduate Program in Animal Science

FZEA/USP started offering Master program in 1994 and Ph.D. program in 2001. Faculty members participating in both programs have a wide academic background, particularly acting on “Animal Quality and Production” as concentration area while promoting a multidisciplinary approach. Such interface is a strong feature of both programs, allowing graduate students to acquire solid education in complementary subjects, which facilitate their insertion into the Animal Science academic environment.

General Considerations

Development and use of new technologies in farm production have contributed to improve the quality of animal-based products, adding value to them. Hence, the farming sector is among those presenting fast growth in Brazil, being responsible for a large share of Brazilian exports. However, the evolution of Brazil’s food production chain depends on the expansion of qualified graduate students system, who will be in charge of implementing the advances needed for developing the agro-industry in Brazil.

In this context, FZEA’s Animal Science graduate program entails researchers and professors either affiliated to universities and public research institutions developing scientific activities of excellence or to private companies related to technological innovation in the farm chain.

Research Lines

Faculty members of the program have well-consolidated academic background, relying on a solid laboratory structure, project grants and compatible intellectual production related to the Animal Science area. The following fields of research are addressed: a) application of fundamental sciences to Animal Science; b) nutrition and animal feeding: evaluation of food and nutritional requirements; c) production, handling and evaluation of foraging plants and pasture; d) genetic improvement and reproduction; e) animal husbandry and handling: ethology, bioclimatology, construction and environmental comfort; f) food production and technology.


Nowadays,the former graduated students in Animal Science work in various Brazilian states (Sao Paulo, Maranhao, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina) as well in several countries in America or Africa (Argentina, United States, Canada, Angola, Mozambique, Peru, Bolivia). The Ph.D. alumni currently work in public universities, in public research institutions, in private universities and in private companies as well.

These data suggest that FZEA Animal Science Graduate Program is nationally and internationally recognized, facilitating inclusion of alumni in the job market.

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