Admissions – Visitors

Admissions – Visitors

Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering of University of São Paulo offers mobility programs for visitors from foreign higher education institutions and can held meeting with visitors and delegations (short period).

1. Visiting professor

Mobility program for visiting professor can be held up to two years. Once the visiting professor got acceptance from a FZEA professor to be this program supervisor, the visitor should send to the Internation Office FZEA (at, supervisor copied to the message) the documents as following:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Research project;
  • Activities plan;
  • Passport;

The supervisor should send these documents also:

  • Letter of invitation, stating the period the visitor is staying at FZEA;
  • Letter of consent (issued by the supervisor’s Department Council or Head)

The visitor will receive an official acceptance letter and guidelines to get the properly visa to come to Brazil.

2. Visitor

To schedule a meeting as a visitor, please contact the International Office FZEA at

3. Delegation

To schedule a meeting as a delegation, as representative of your home institution, please contact the International Office FZEA at

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