How to apply – General Information

How to apply – General Information

For exchange partner institutions only.
If there is no international academic agreement between FZEA and your institution, please contact our International Office FZEA at


Mandatory procedures for acceptance

Step 1/ Nomination (for undergraduate and graduate students)
1/ Passport
2/ Properly form (see below)
3/ Nomination letter
4/ International Relations Office address
The documents listed above must be sent to

Deadlines for Nomination
1st semester (Feb – Jul) nomination deadline: October 15
2nd semester (Aug – Dec) nomination deadline: May 15

Step 2/ Application

  • Undergraduate students: online (the applicant will receive a link to access Sistema Mundus after the nomination step)
  • Graduate students: by email (the applicant will receive extra information after the nomination step)

Deadlines for Application
1st semester (Feb – Jul) application deadline: October 31
2nd semester (Aug – Dec) application deadline: May 31

Exchange Undergraduate Student Form
Exchange Graduate Student Form
Information Sheet


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