Undergraduate Courses – Animal Science

Undergraduate Courses – Animal Science

Zootechnist is a professional with solid scientific background, prepared to work with management, research or assistance to different animal production systems, by adding value and optimizing the use of available resources and technologies that are socially, environmentally and economically adaptable.

The field of action of this professional has an important component of nutrition, handling and genetic improvement of both domestic and wild animals. However, Zootechnist’s attributions surpass the frontiers of rural properties, demanding knowledge about agribusiness dynamics, animal-based products processing and quality, as well as planning and managing public and private companies related to the sector. Their training additionally allows actions in education, research institutions, breeder associations and others.

FZEA offers a full-time Animal Science undergraduate program, lasting eight semesters at school, and one semester of supervised training. In the first four semesters, students attend basic courses (mathematics, physics, chemistry, anatomy, animal and plant physiology and microbiology) preparing them for both the following semesters of applied courses and the training period in the last semester. Mandatory or elective courses include several areas, providing solid education compatible with USP standards. The program prepares the future Zootechnist to meet the needs of both market and scientific and technological development.

Moreover, students become aware of social, economical, environmental scenarios in the country, thus becoming a prospective transformation agent in society. Students will also be able to complement their academic and professional background relying on scientific initiation scholarships offered by USP or funding agencies as well on international exchange and trainee programs. Depending on student’s social and economical background, USP also offers housing and alimentation support.

FZEA offers 40 annual seats for the undergraduate program in Animal Science.

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