Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

 The Veterinary graduated at FZEA will be high standard professional, particularly prepared to deal with health of production animal, management of sectors related to internal markets and exportation of animal-origin products, food safety and public health, animal well-being, and environmental sustainability.

 Besides its generalist background, the professional profile sought by FZEA Veterinary Medicine undergraduate program comprises three distinguishable emphases, namely: Herd Health and Food Safety, Environmental Sustainability and Animal Well-Being, and Agribusiness Management and International Trade. Those features are particular to FZEA identity as far as the interfaces between Animal Science, Food Engineering, and Biosystems Engineering are concerned. Such noteworthy focus was conceived in line with the meticulous analysis on the professional field regarding veterinary physicians in Brazil, bearing in mind future demand trends of global job marketplace, as widely referred by media. Accordingly, the increasing Brazilian keenness for global food provisioning was accounted for and such professional profile is an important feature to distinguish FZEA veterinary physicians from those graduated from several programs in the country.

The Veterinary Medicine program is offered in ten full-time semesters. Compulsory and elective courses comprise fundamental areas for such profession, this way providing a strong updated academic background compatible to USP undergraduate education standards as well as preparing future professionals to fulfill not only market demands but also scientific and technological development.

Moreover, students become aware of social, economical, environmental scenarios in the country, thus becoming a prospective transformation agent in society. Students will also be able to complement their academic and professional background relying on scientific initiation scholarships offered by USP or funding agencies as well on international exchange and trainee programs. Depending on student’s social and economical background, USP also offers housing and alimentation support.

FZEA offers 60 student enrollments for the Veterinary Medicine undergraduate program each year.

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