Graduate Program in Animal Biosciences

Graduate Program in Animal Biosciences

A graduate program in Animal Biosciences (focus on Vet Sciences upgrade) started in 2013 with four strong areas:

  • Pathogenic organisms (bacteriology and virology);
  • Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology (genetics, gene expression, genomics);
  • Innovative therapy (pathology, oncology, clinics, surgery, stem cell, preclinical trial);
  • Theriogenology (animal reproduction).


Our graduate program deal to create scientific basements related to basic to application vet science in a region of São Paulo State weak with this type of graduate program in Brazil. The final taught of our master and Ph.D student will include courses of scientific methods related to animal welfare, ethics and legislation, also related to the main project of each advisor, their grads students and thesis issues.

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