Regular Students Registration

The Graduate student must register regularly, in each academic period (semester), at the times and terms defined by the central organs of USP (according to the Graduate Regulation, article 45).

Registration requests must be done in the Janus system website, where the student will register for the classes of interest (from FZEA and other USP campuses). This request is considered a pre-registration that will undergo the adviser’s endorsement and, subsequently, the approval by the professor responsible for the course. After the endorsement and deferral period, the graduate student will be able to consult the registration status in his student record (accessed through the Janus System).

Regular Students Registration – Late Registration

Late registrations will not be accepted, except in exceptional cases approved by the Coordinating Committee of the program to which the student is linked. To do so, the student must fill out the form below and deliver it to the Graduate Service. We highlight that each course has a different late registration deadline, which can be verified at www.sistemas.usp.br – Postgraduate – Courses – inform the course code – Confirm – Class Period- Withdrawal deadline (the same deadline for late registration).

Formulário de Matrícula Fora de Prazo em Disciplina
Formulário de Matrícula de Acompanhamento Fora de Prazo

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